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Dr. Lénárd Mohácsy lawyer
„Your suitable partner in success”

Areas of expertise

Criminal law

“A skillful sword cut is better protection than any shield”

One of the principals of criminal prosecution is that everyone is entitled to the right to fair trial which grants you several opportunities to defend yourself effectively against the accusations. The key for effectivity and success is the right choice of a trustworthy, determined and professionally trained defence lawyer at the beginning of the proceedings because the defense lawyer has the capability to provide you with the most effective protection at an early stage. 

Setting up the defense is different in all cases which does not necessarily mean a defensive attitude. In many cases the localization of a tiny crack on the shield brings the expected success.

 My office provides legal representation in criminal cases in almost all areas of criminal law both domestically and internationally. We also take part in numerous lawsuits with national significance.

In case of prosecutions initiated abroad we provide defense with our foreign partner law firm.

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Civil rights

“Represent the rights of others is the finest and noblest part of being human”
-Providing legal representation in civil rights cases
In case you wish to initiate court proceedings in connection with the dispute or you have been initiated legal proceedings the prepared and trusted members of my office will provide you help to be successful and satisfied at the end of the proceeding.

My office is prepared to support you legal representation in almost all areas of civil rights, such as
  • compensation cases,
  • disputes concerning contracts,
  • property litigation,
  • lawsuits in community property in domestic partnerships
- Real estate rights
My law firm provides a full range of services concerning real estate legal transactions. We provide help to our existing and new clients to draft, prepare ,counter sing and commenting  property sales, asset transfer agreement, renting contract, lease agreements, exchange contracts, gift agreement. In case tax counseling and a full range of real estate registration procedure help is needed in relation with the above mentioned transactions we are prepared to serve you in these matters as well.

In case you need a special and professionally more well founded expertise in respect of taxation of the real estate transactions our permanent tax experts can provide you with professional advice.

In the field of real estate market and joint representation we can provide the common legal representation and professional background as well.

- Family law
In connection with the matters related to family law my office undertakes the completion of matrimonial property contracts, common property terminating contracts or proceedings for divorce and termination of community property.

- Corporate law: company establishment, company rectification, association, foundation
In case you wish to establish a company or civil society or wish to modify it my office will assist you to choose the appropriate legal form (Plc. Ltd, etc.)  which suits you the best. We also help in choosing the design of the operating conditions and the preparation of the necessary documents. If you do not have a bookkeeping service provider my office will be happy to assist you in finding the right partner for your business as we are in contact with numerous professional bookkeeping offices.

- Inheritance matters, wills, probate proceedings

We undertake succession contracts, drafting wills and probate proceedings.

Tax law, administrative law

In case of tax administrative procedures, we provide you specialized accounting and auditing offices for you to help in the interpretation of complex tax regulations and effective defending during the inspection.

My office will undertake the legal representation in case of other administrative proceedings.

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.